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Taavi Vogt

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Peipsimaa is located in the eastern part of Estonia. It is most convenient to come here with your own transport, so you can get around the area as you wish.

Peipsimaa is a place of different nationalities and cultures, picturesque coastal villages, sacred sanctuaries, imposing lighthouses, stately manor houses, fascinating museums and an ancient fair culture.

You can spend the night in the luxury of a castle or in the tranquillity of a holiday village. In addition, there are holiday and tourism farms, guest houses and hotels - more than 70 different places of accommodation in all.

Lake Peipsi is the heart of Peipsi region. This sea-size lake on Estonia's eastern border is the fourth largest in Europe and the largest in Estonia.

Lake Peipsi area is famous for fishing and onion growing, and more recently for growing cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables. Lake Peipsi unites the food cultures of Estonians, Russian Old Believers, Russian Orthodox, Setos and Baltic Germans. Today, they have developed into a regional food culture, where dishes borrowed from one and another have taken on a life of their own, and it is already quite difficult to trace the origins of the food.


The main objective of the NGO Peipsimaa Tourism is to coordinate the tourism development of the Peipsi Region (Peipsimaa), including the development of the region's tourism products and their marketing, the development of the region's image and the collection, analysis and dissemination of tourism information, and to support in every way possible the balanced development of the Peipsi Region.