Allikukivi Winery

Seminarid maal, Majutus, Visit to a small producer

  • EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) label


Kooli tee 2, Allikukivi küla, 86201, Saarde vald, Pärnu County
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GPS 25°1'16''E, 58°9'3''N


GSM: (+372 ) 525 2800


Raili Hein

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 The family-run winery is mainly involved in berry growing and the production of berry wines from its berries.

The winery is open to visitors daily. The guided tour includes a visit to the berry garden, a visit to the modern production facilities under the historic vaults and a tasting of the drinks. The manor shop is open daily. During the summer months, accommodation is offered in modern glamping tents with all modern facilities. If you wish, the hostess will provide a training on how to make a good drink in your own home.

The magnificent manor house with its picturesque park was built in the 1860s by the German engineer K. F. Zoepffel. His family is said to have used it only a few summer months a year. It is a neo-Gothic historicist brick building. The style and the surrounding landscape are reminiscent of manor houses of the period - the representative function, the curved driveway in front of the building, the surrounding park.

The Allikukivi Winery's service 'Visit to Allikukivi Winery and wine tasting' has been recognised with the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) quality label for ecotourism.


During the visit:

  • we'll talk about the history of the region and the manor house;
  • we'll visit the historic park of the manor;
  • we will visit the manor's garden, where we will see what wine is made from in Allikukivi;
  • we will visit the wine cellar of the manor, where we will talk about the production of berry wines;
  • we'll be tasting the berry wines produced in the manor.

Allikukivi glamping (1 tent)

Comfortable overnight accommodation in a spacious and large tent, which is more like a room and furnished with everything you need for a comfortable night. The tent has beds for all the guests, who can stretch out between the clean sheets. Washing facilities are also available.

An evening tour of the winery, with a tasting guided by the hosts, and a delicious breakfast on the terrace are included.

Nature lovers can explore the Allikukivi caves, Nigula or Tolkuse bogs, or the trails of Soomaa, while history lovers can visit Allikukivi, Voltveti and Vana-Kõpu manors.

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