Piesta Kuusikaru Farm

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Kullimaa küla, 87611, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald, Pärnu County
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GPS 24°59'30''E, 58°34'22''N


GSM: (+372) 508 9589


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Piesta Kuusikaru farm in Vändra forest in Pärnu County welcomes everyone interested in food production and local history.

Founded in 1868, the ancestral farm is a family-run business that manages an organic apple orchard and produces a variety of apple products on site. Piesta's trademark can be see on pure apple juice, a glogg-like spicy apple drink, a cocktail syrup with mint, stroop syrup, apple cider vinegar and new products are still being developed.

A cycling route from Vändra to Tori passes by the Piesta Kuusikaru farm, and we highly recommend exploring the exciting Soomaa region.


The family farm, bought in 1868, has a proud past and an apple-scented present. We'll be happy to introduce guests to both - in the modern production facility, we'll talk about both Father Jannsen and Kentucky Lion, among other things.

On a tour of the Piesta apple house, you can take a peek behind the scenes of small-scale production and discover how many good flavours are hidden in Estonian apples. You'll also hear fascinating stories about the history of the 150-year-old farm, which is a prime example of the formation of the Estonian nation, and you can explore the young organic orchard.


In the summer farm shop of Piesta Kuusikaru you can taste different apple juices and buy all Piesta apple products from pure juice to apple cider vinegar. In between, there are many other exciting things to try, such as stroop syrup, cocktail syrup, spicy apple drink and more.

In addition to the farm's own produce, a small selection of gifts is on offer, including beautiful handicrafts from Maarjakase Ceramics and Tahkuse Clay Workshop.

Piesta Kuusikaru Farm Holiday House (4 beds)

Come and stay with family or friends in the private holiday house of the long-established Piesta Kuusikaru Farm - 2 rooms, 4 beds in total. For accommodation one double bed in the bedroom and one convertible sofa bed in the open room can be used.

Located on the banks of the Pärnu River, the modern building has a living room, bedroom, toilet, comfortable washrooms and a wood-heated sauna. There is no kitchen in the house, but there is a fridge, a kettle and a microwave.

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