Angla Windmill Mount and Heritage Culture Centre

Toitlustamine ja söögikohad, Teematalud, muuseumid, külastuskeskused

  • EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) label


Angla küla, 94244, Saaremaa vald, Saare County
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GPS 22°41'52'' E, 58°31'49'' N


GSM: (+372) 505 0434 (Alver Sagur)
GSM: (+372) 5199 0265 (Anu Noor)


Anu Noor

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A 100-year-old windmill hill awaits you in Angla. Four of the five windmills are typical Saaremaa trestle windmills, built at the beginning of this century. In the middle of them stands a slightly taller Dutch-style mill, built in 1927.

In addition to the windmills, there is also the Angla Heritage Culture Centre, where you can take part in workshops led by master craftsmen: dolomite, clay, wool and felt workshops. You can also try your hand at baking home made bread.

At the museum you can learn about the tools and work techniques of our ancestors, acquire some folk crafts skills, take part in folk culture events and taste Angla rye bread. An important part of the Heritage Culture Centre's activities is to teach children the craft skills of our ancestors.

The Centre organises craft days and courses, cultural events, information days, presentations, club nights.

The Angla Windmill service "A tour of the windmill mount and the heritage centre with the host" has been recognised with the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) quality label for ecotourism.

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