Linnumäe Nature Farm

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Ohepalu küla, 45204, Kadrina vald, Lääne-Viru County
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GPS 25°57'39'' E, 59°20'37'' N


GSM: (+372) 5563 0325
GSM: (+372) 5650 6858


Õnnela Neidek

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Privacy takes on a new meaning in the Linnumäe Nature Farm, with only rare sounds of civilisation reaching the courtyard of the peasant's house. The farm complex, which has been preserved with rare authenticity, is situated on a small plain next to the bog, in the immediate vicinity of the Ohepalu marsh. An inexplicable old atmosphere greets the visitor at the door. Indeed, it is precisely in such farms that Estonians have lived for centuries and grown into a hardy and strong nation.

The house has stayed without electricity since the ancient times, and is lit by candles and oil lamps.

Additional facilities: Canoe trips on Estonian rivers, canoes for hire, guided hiking tours, bog walks in the Ohepalu Nature Reserve, cycling tours (own bicycle; maps and guide on request).

Catering by Vaksali Trahter Catering. Catering is mainly based on fresh local ingredients.

In addition, we offer accommodation, catering and seminar facilities at the nearby Õnnela guest house.

Linnumäe Nature Farm (6 persons)

For our guests we offer sauna and rest in an authentic farmhouse (two chanbers with three beds 2+2+1).

In the barn, a group of people can rest on the hay.

Prices: Entire house from 220 €/night.

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