10.-12.09.2019 toimus Leader konverents, mille peateemaks oli MAATURISM

10.-12.09.2019 toimus Eestis LINC (Leader Inspired Network Community) konverents, mis on iga aastane üle-euroopaline maaelu edendajate ja Leader tegevusgruppide kohtumine ning toimus tänavu juba 10. korda. Kohal oli üle 350 osaleja, 17 erinevast riigist. Konverentsil toimunust näete ülevaadet siit: https://vimeo.com/359591828/c72434f7aa?fbclid=IwAR3DEyTbMtYAYpXLBnG0Toc7cPOdzgsNCi7xJrkZXJxiDnwi-BNrUAC_Buo

Eesti Maaturismi Ühingu tegevjuhil oli au konverentsi avamisel tervitada kõiki konverentsil osalejaid ja tema sõnum oli:

Dear rural tourism friends all over Europe!

I am sincerely pleased and honoured to welcome you to Estonia!
The LEADER programme has given Estonian rural entrepreneurs wings . . . we have been able to develop the products and services offered in the rural tourism sector to become more unique, to increase their quality, we have enriched ourselves with different experiences, participating in study tours, initiating and organizing new events, bringing local cultural heritage to glory, injecting entrepreneurship into ourselves, giving our ventures an international dimension, and so much more.
I am proud of Estonian rural tourism companies and their activities. What gives me a reason for that?
Above all, rural people. Without dedicated people there would not be so many things going on nor would there be so much diversity in the countryside! The fact that the kaleidoscope of rural holidays in Estonia is very diverse also adds to this sense of pride.

There are many ways to enjoy holidays in the countryside: one can enjoy the quietness and clean air of the Estonian countryside, enjoy early morning fishing on the sea or lake together with a professional coastal fisherman, enjoy the pleasures of sauna in a smoke sauna or on a raft-sauna, take a walk in the herb garden accompanied by explanations and later tips from the hostess, visit unique museums, spend time in theme parks, family parks, adventure parks and playlands, learn new skills in different workshops and discover local Estonian tastes. In addition to all this, air, water and land based activities. All this is only a small part of what rural tourism companies have to offer to holidaymakers in Estonia.

In addition to activities, you will find accommodation from the exotic cottager’s farmhouse to the luxury of the manor house mansion.

By developing different tourist routes and networks, we want to make different destinations in Estonia stronger, more visible and more attractive, e.g. Romantic Coastline, Soomaa, Onion Route, Estonian Culinary Route, Livonian Culinary Route Network, Genuine Experiences in Lahemaa, Greener Põlva County, Uma Mekk (Own Taste), Ida-Virumaa etc.

The Estonian tourism landscape has its own eco-tourism label called EHE (Ehtne ja Huvitav Eesti - genuine and intresting Estonia). Together we have a responsibility to make life in the countryside last and be sustainable. And this in action, not just in words.

You all will have a great opportunity to take part in it, participating in 9 different outings to see our rural tourism kaleidoscope