Schooner Hoppet

Seminarid maal, Aktiivne puhkus, Toitlustamine ja söögikohad

  • EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) label


Raiekivi tee 2, 93815 , Kuressaare linn, Saare County
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GPS 22°28'24'' E, 58°14'42'' N


GSM: (+372) 5647 4466
GSM: (+372) 5660 6717 


Pekka Rooväli

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Schooner Hoppet - The Most Beautiful Ship in the Republic of Estonia

The only old-Estonian sailing ship still sailing today, the fore-and-aft schooner Hoppet (1926), can be found in the resort town of Kuressaare.

The ship is open all year round for interesting and entertaining events and adventures and for enjoying the sea, and is located in the park of the historic bishop's castle, in the Tori cove.

Up to 50 people at a time are welcome to adventure at sea.

On board we offer:

  • Packages for 2 to 50 passengers. Travel 100 years back in time when ships were made of wood and men of iron.
  • The world's most enjoyable musicians and concerts.
  • Tasting the best of the islands' raw ingredients, and the ship's own produce.
  • A special historic interior of the sailing ship and of course a cheerful crew.


  • We are open for recreational, tourist and cultural activities.
  • 2 to 4 hour pleasure cruises. Sunset cruises in the bay of Arensburg. Trips to the island of Abruka.
  • Team and motivational trips, sea safety training, workshops.
  • Corporate summer days, non-formal nautical education, youth camps, sea trips.
  • Day trips to the island of Abruka with lunch and a guided tour.
  • Concert and music events at sea.
  • Weddings in romantic sailing boats, name wave offs, heritage vehicles.
  • Anniversaries, jubilees, reunions, private trips.


  • We have sumptuous dinners with a top chef and the captain in the Admiral's Saloon for up to 20 guests. Dinners, cosy seating, theme and style evenings, anniversaries etc. If required, the ship can accommodate up to 20 overnight guests.
  • There is an open terrace/deck for guests and heated and spacious indoor areas including a bar.

Each order is an event in itself, so we will prepare a solution to suit you! Ahoy!

The services of the Republic's Sailing Boat Association Schooner Hoppet "Vacationer's sailing trips to Abruka Island" and "Sunset cruises and concerts on Schooner Hoppet" have been recognised with the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) ecotourism quality label.

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