Voose küla, 90112, Lääneranna vald, Pärnu County
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GPS 23°39'47'' E, 58°38'46'' N


GSM: (+372)  505 2679




Illar Varend

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Location: at the intersection of the Tallinn-Kuressaare and Pärnu-Haapsalu routes. Approx. 12 km from Virtsu harbour, 66 km from Haapsalu, 84 km from Kuressaare.

The Voosemetsa Tourism Farm is the closest accommodation to the Matsalu National Park centre and Lihula and Virtsu harbour on the Risti-Virtsu road near Virtsu.

It's safe, quiet and peaceful, next to the ancient pine forest. The Voosemetsa tourism farm is well suited for car, motorbike, bicycle, hunting, nature, birdwatching and other tourists, as well as for people on business and leisure trips, both individuals and groups, both coming from and going to Saaremaa.

Guests have the rooms of the homestay at their disposal. The complex also includes a camping cabin, caravan sites and camping grounds. There are barbecue and sports facilities, an outdoor fireplace and shelters. There is also a beer kitchen with a small brewery in Voosemetsa.

Voosemetsa sauna: Traditional and genuinely Estonian: wood-heated, whisks, true heat. Sauna house with fireplace, summer kitchen and dining area on the terrace, accommodation upstairs.

Additional services: To be booked in advance: catering, picnic basket, organic food from the garden and forest, guide, hiking guide, bicycles (4), washing machine.

Active holidays: Corporate summer days, seminars, nature, boat and cultural trips, bird watching, orchids, horseback riding and domestic animal park nearby.

B&B (13 beds)

Accommodation: 5 rooms in total, 13 places. In addition, a lounge and dining room, kitchen, fireplace, 3 toilets.

Rooms for guests' use are on a separate floor (no contact with the family). 

Prices: A room for one person from 25 €. A room for two persons from €40. One place in a room from €15.

Holiday village (16 beds)

Illuminated area of Voosemetsa holiday village with 20 electricity-powered caravan pitches, 50 tent pitches, camping cabin (4 persons), a room upstairs of the sauna (6+ persons), barbecue hut, summer kitchen, sports and campfire grounds, 4 dry toilets, 4 showers.

Caravan parking (20 places)

 20 electricity-powered caravan pitches, and 50 tent pitches on the illuminated territory.

The holiday village is part of the ACSI EuroCampings and ADAC camping chains.

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