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Kihnu Küek (Национальная Кухня Островa Кихну)

Открыто: Круглогодично (Preorder)
Männi talu, Linaküla küla,
88003, Kihnu vald,
GSM: +372 5341 2358
info [at] kihnukyek.ee
Контакт: Jana Ruubel   eesti keeles Русский язык suomi english 
GPS координаты:  23º58'48'' E, 58º8'26'' N
Kihnu is home to a unique indigenous culture that has existed on the islands for more than 600 years. Kihnu culture, which was included on the UNESCO intangible heritage list in 2003, is intriguing for any visitor interested in cultural heritage, distinctive natural environment and friendly people.

• We invite you to a lunch or dinner to see what typical Kihnu meals are like.
• We strongly support the use of organic and artisanal products in food and beverage preparation.
• Groups of up to 16 people can be comfortably accommodated in the outdoor kitchen and 12 people in our livingroom.
• We have EHE-mark (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) what is a quality mark to label tourism products in compliance with the principles of eco tourism.

Contact us for more information and we can arrange a suitable time.
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Reval Hotels rebrand to Radisson Blu and Park Inn

Linstow, the Norwegian real estate developer for 10 Reval Hotels in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Russia, announces management agreement with The Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the fastest growing hotel companies worldwide.

Border Control 17.04 - 23.04 for NATO meeting

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board would like to inform you that due to the Directive of the Republic of Estonia dating from the 18th of March border control shall be reintroduced between:

17.04.2010 at 21.00 - 23.04.2010 at 21.00

Estonian Air calls Estonian fashion designers to update its crew uniforms

Estonian Air announces a competition for the renewal of crew uniforms and calls on Estonian fashion designers together with domestic clothing producers to participate in the airline’s uniform design and production contest.

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