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Kagureis Llc. - Tour Operator

Open: All year roun
Uus tn 5, Põlva,
63308, Põlva vald,
Põlva county
Telephone: +372 799 8530
Cellphone: +372 5622 2881
kagureis [at]
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GPS coordinates:  27°2'50'' E, 58°3'12'' N
For people interested in culture, nature and history Kagureis organises bus tours in the southern Estonia. Scenic nature, historical monuments, museums, milieu and people; in addition, national dishes, hotel accommodation, comfortable bus, tour manager, guides, etc. You can choose from 4 3-day programmes:
• Care for a lunch in Setomaa?
Nature and culture trip to Põlvamaa, archaic Setomaa, museums, culture, songs and food.
• From the sky line of Haanjamaa to the earth house of bushwhacker
Emotional historical and natural trip, beautiful dome landscape, Rõuge and Haanja, Farm of a Bushwhacker.
• From the edge of Peipus to visit Pokus
We drive alongside Lake Peipus to the onion and fish kingdom, the Castle of Alatskivi, Poku Land and the Oak of Tamme-Lauri in Urvaste.
• Viljandimaa – a glance to the work of masters of the old times
Olustvere Manor, ruins of the Viljandi Castle, Handicrafts Museum and the Räpina paper manufactory, Mooste Manor and linen chamber.
Times of tours, prices, conditions and a specific time schedule on our website
Kagureis OÜ offers full solutions for organising summer and winter days and company events:
• Collective co-operation, competition moments, cultural and sightseeing objects, thematic atmosphere, entertainment, transport and evening host, if needed. The number of participants is not limited.
• 100 beds for accommodation + camping in summertime.
• The capacity of the kitchen allows catering even 200 people.
• The programme will be compiled as „starting from the threshold of your house“.
Please contact us and we will make you a personal offer!

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Reval Hotels rebrand to Radisson Blu and Park Inn

Linstow, the Norwegian real estate developer for 10 Reval Hotels in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Russia, announces management agreement with The Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the fastest growing hotel companies worldwide.

Border Control 17.04 - 23.04 for NATO meeting

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board would like to inform you that due to the Directive of the Republic of Estonia dating from the 18th of March border control shall be reintroduced between:

17.04.2010 at 21.00 - 23.04.2010 at 21.00

Estonian Air calls Estonian fashion designers to update its crew uniforms

Estonian Air announces a competition for the renewal of crew uniforms and calls on Estonian fashion designers together with domestic clothing producers to participate in the airline’s uniform design and production contest.

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