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Kreis Pärnu
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Ferienzentrum Kosmonautika

max Anzahl der Personen: 70
im Betrieb: ganzjhri
Entfernungen zu den grsseren Stdten: Tallinn 170 km; Tartu 168 km; Pärnu 45 km;
Penu küla,
86014, Häädemeeste vald,
Kreis Pärnu
GSM: +372 503 4829
info [at]
Kontaktperson: Aivar Merila   eesti keeles Русский язык english 
GPS-Daten:  24°27'23'' E, 58°1'57'' N
Accommodation: altogether 9 rooms, 36 beds, 9 extra beds.
We will guarantee that you will spend the sunniest summer vacation in Estonia in the legendary „Vzmorje” holiday resort at the seaside!
The location of the resort for meritorious cosmonauts and scientists was chosen according to research, which indicated this to be the sunniest place in the whole western coast of USSR. According to the village legends, the first female cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova herself had walked on these beaches!
The seaside apartment houses are perfect for families with children or smaller groups of people to spend shorter or longer beach holidays.
The refulgent dining and party house is overlooking the sea and is ideal for organising meetings and seminars for up to 40 people.
We organise art exhibitions and other cultural events throughout the summer, which kindly welcome every passer-by.
Prices: Apartment starting from 80 €/24h.
Angeln in der Natur 

Anbieter von Regionalkche 
20-50 Personen 

20- 50 Personen

Reval Hotels rebrand to Radisson Blu and Park Inn

Linstow, the Norwegian real estate developer for 10 Reval Hotels in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Russia, announces management agreement with The Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the fastest growing hotel companies worldwide.

Border Control 17.04 - 23.04 for NATO meeting

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board would like to inform you that due to the Directive of the Republic of Estonia dating from the 18th of March border control shall be reintroduced between:

17.04.2010 at 21.00 - 23.04.2010 at 21.00

Estonian Air calls Estonian fashion designers to update its crew uniforms

Estonian Air announces a competition for the renewal of crew uniforms and calls on Estonian fashion designers together with domestic clothing producers to participate in the airline’s uniform design and production contest.

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